Q: Is there a .zip file of all the music so I can download everything at once?
A: ya sure

Last Updated: April 29, 2016

Login Screen Theme Music

Citadel Theme - Theme from Citadel.
These Sovereign Systems (YC118.3 Theme) - Theme from the March 2016 release.
Waltz Of The Capsuleers (YC118.2 Theme) - Theme from the February 2016 release.
The Magnificent Realm (YC118.1 Theme) - Theme from the January 2016 release.
Acheron Theme - Theme from Acheron/Operation Frontline.
Parallax Theme - Theme from Parallax.
Vanguard Theme - Theme from Vanguard.
Galatea Theme - Theme from Galatea.
Aegis Theme - Theme from Aegis.
Carnyx Theme - Theme from Carnyx.
Mosaic Theme - Theme from Mosaic.
Scylla Theme - Theme from Scylla.
Tiamat Theme - Theme from Tiamat.
Proteus Theme - Theme from Proteus.
Rhea Theme - Theme from Rhea.
Phoebe Theme - Theme from Phoebe.
Oceanus Theme - Theme from Oceanus.
Hyperion Theme - Theme from Hyperion.
Crius Theme - Theme from Crius.
Kronos Theme - Theme from Kronos.
Rubicon Theme - Theme from Rubicon.
Stellar Shadows 10 Year Anniversary - Theme from Odyssey.
Retribution Theme - Theme from Retribution.
Inferno Theme - Theme from Inferno.
Crucible Theme - Theme from Crucible.
Incarna Theme - Theme from Incarna.
Incursion Theme - Theme from Incursion.
Tyrannis Theme - Theme from Tyrannis.
Dominion Theme - Theme from Dominion.
Apocrypha Theme - Theme from Apocrypha.
Empyrean Age Theme - Theme from Empyrean Age and Quantum Rise.
Trinity Theme - Theme from Trinity.
Revelations Theme - Theme from Revelations and Revelations II.
The Promised Lands - Theme from Exodus, Cold War, Red Moon Rising, and Bloodlines.
Stellar Shadows - Theme from Second Genesis and Castor.
EVE Online Theme - Theme from EVE Online.

Cinematic Music

Build Your Dreams - Extended orchestral score from the Citadel trailer.
Wrecking Machine - Permaband's performance from the Citadel trailer.
Crimson Harvest - Music from the Scope Crimson Raider broadcast.
Emergent Threats - Music from the EVE Online Fanfest 2015 Trailer.
This Is EVE - Music from the This Is EVE (2014) Trailer.
Flight of the Capsuleers - Music from the 2013 CCP Plex For Good Trailer.
Age of Discovery - Music from the Odyssey Expansion Trailer.
Origins - Music from the Fanfest 2013 Trailer.
Prelude for a Scotsman - Music from the Alliance Tournament intro videos.
Dat Bass - Music from the Inferno Expansion Trailer.
Dat Bass (Voiceover) - Music from the Inferno Expansion Trailer. This version contains the voiceover from the trailer.
EVE Forever - Music from the Fanfest 2012 Trailer.
CONCORD Grid - Music from the CDIA Files Trailers.
Gimmix (Crucible Mix) - Music from the Crucible Expansion Trailer.
A Future Vision - Music from the Future Vision Trailer.
Causality - Music from the Causality Trailer.
All These Worlds - Music from the Tryannis Expansion Trailer.
Burn Them All - Music from the Dominion Expansion Trailer.
Beauty Never Fades (Animatrix Mix) - Music from EVE Never Fades.
Furious Wrath - Music from the Empyrean Age Expansion Trailer.
Rebirth - Music from the Trinity Expansion Trailer.
The End of Peace - Music from the Revelations Expansion Trailer.

Looking for the Retribution trailer music without the voiceover?
Unfortunately, HaZaR has not released this track to the public.

Valkyrie Music

The Next Life Part 1
The Next Life Part 2
She's Gone
Gallente Escort - Music from the EVE Valkyrie Fanfest 2015 Trailer.

Battle Music

Space Jam - Theme from the Alliance Tournament and New Eden Open.
Rocket - Intro riff from the Alliance Tournament and New Eden Open.
HTFU - Performed by CCP Permaband.
Fight Like You Live
Battle Rock 1
Battle Rock 2
Battle Rock 3
Battle Rock 4
Battle Rock 5

Amarr Music

Amarr Theme
Amarr Melody 1
Amarr Melody 2
Amarr Melody 3
Glorious Future

Caldari Music

Caldari Theme
Caldari Melody 1
Caldari Melody 2
Caldari Melody 3
Caldari Melody 4

Gallente Music

Gallente Theme
Opinions of the Misinformed
Gallente Melody 2
Gallente Melody 3
Gallente Melody 4
Gallente Melody 5
The Dealer
Gallente Melody 7
Akat Mountains
Modern Thinking

Minmatar Music

Minmatar Theme
Minmatar Melody 2
Minmatar Melody 3
Seven Clans

Ambient Music

Unidentified Phenomenon
The Day After the Storm
Pirates Den
Is Anybody Out There
Gas Giant
Miner Stories
Hidden Mementos
War Relics
Red Glowing Dust
Costs of Conflict
Jovian Riddle
Lost Wormhole
Below the Asteroids
Forsaken Ruins
Surplus of Rare Artifacts
The Green Nebula
Primordial Star Clouds
The Jovian Front
My Other Residency
Merchants, Looters, and Ghosts
Safe Trade Routes
Last Power Cell
EVE of Battle
Nouvelle Rouvenor Hero
Infinite Distortion of Space and Time
Tomorrows Neverending Yesterday
Gallentean Refuge
Love, Honour and Obey
Everyday Zone
Object Almost Accomplished
Ride Out the Storm
At the End of the Your Journey
Do You Know Where You Are?
Home at Last
Miners Heaven
Quaesitum Finished
My Own Binary System
Something Old, Something New
I Saw Your Ship
We Fight Proud for the Holder
The Hunt
Amongst Allies
Theme of the Universe
Defenders of the Orphic World
Treasure the Obscure
Rose of Victory
It's Full of Stars
Smoke From Down Below
...But Still We Go On
In the Depth of Space
Minmatar Rebel Alliance
All Which Was Lost Has Now Been Regained
Wonderlands of the Mind
The Solitary Pilot
Times of Sanguinity
Doomed Forever
Path of the Cursed
On the Outskirts
Forgotten Places
Precious Ore
It Ends Here
Shifting the Balance of Power
Where Evil Lurks
Point of No Return
Theme From Jita
New Moon
Seek and You Shall Find
Learning From the Past
Close to a Holy Place

New Eden Logs

A series of fan-created EVE electronica released in 2014. Find out more here.
Download the full three-album series or download individual tracks:

Peace Logs (Ambient/Downtempo)
Pieces Of Shrapnel
Outer Ring Excavations
The Story Begin
The Paths They Chose
Digital Wormhole
Salute Hallur
Temporal Flux
Long Ride to HZFJ-M
Çoundless sphere
Guiding Light the Cyno

War Logs (Drum and Bass/Dubstep)
Intro for the War Side
Fight Is Our Destiny
Capital Fleet Is Approaching
Warp To Null
Now or Never
Armada Shards
Wind Rises

Dead Logs (Dark Ambient/Drone)
Drones Drift
W-Space & Time Dilation
Glare Crust
Mekhios Graveyard
State of Industry
First Empress Kiss
New Eden Passion
New Order and Old Ice
So there is morning
Space Is Too Bright
Tribal End

Most music is CCP Games.
This website is not affiliated with CCP Games and exists soley to help fans enjoy hard-to-find music.